At-home therapy patients will commit to

Assign speech therapy home programmes for your patients to complete through our app. Track their compliance and monitor their progress.

We are currently focused on patients with Parkinson's Disease.

Everything you need to improve patient compliance.

Software to support your patients with their at-home therapy programmes.

At a glance, see which patients are non-compliant with their therapy. View individual patients’ practice sessions.

Empower your patients to help themselves.

Set them up with our app and they can practice in their own time.


Patients feel connected to their therapists, knowing you are monitoring their progress.

Patients report feelings of accountability and support, resulting in increased likelihood of following their therapy programmes.

Guided Therapy

Using our app, patients are guided through the therapy programme you prescribe.

Designed to be as simple and accessible as possible, even the most technology wary patients manage to use the app successfully.


Patients get reminders to complete their therapy.

We send them push notifications and emails (where provided) to nudge them when needed. If they fall behind, we flag it to you so you can reach out.

Made by therapists,
for therapists.

We understand the clinical challenges involved and have built a solution that works.

Clare Meskill

Teleatherapy CEO & CORU Registered Speech & Language Therapist

“I started Teleatherapy after working with patients with Parkinson's Disease and realising how much technology could help deliver their speech therapy and improve patient outcomes.”

Loved by patients.

Our app is easy to use and has helped patients with Parkinson's Disease improve their speech and their quality of life.

    • I notice an improvement in my speech and I intend on continuing indefinitely as my speaking voice is most important to me. With Teleatherapy, you are monitored and get regular feedback which makes the whole venture very worthwhile

      Teleatherapy User
    • It's very handy to use at home, you're not rushing to an appointment. You can do it in your own time and at your own speed

      Teleatherapy User
    • It was great to get feedback to know how you’re getting on and see your improvements or how you’re holding your own

      Teleatherapy User
    • I would recommend the exercise programme from which I have gained great benefit and support and confidence

      Teleatherapy User

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Frequently asked questions

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    • What patient populations can use Teleatherapy?

      At the moment we are focused on providing an excellent service for patients with Parkinson's Disease.

    • What size clinics do you work with?

      We happily work with clinics of all sizes. As long as you deliver speech & language therapy to patients with Parkinson's Disease, we'd love to work with you.